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Brand: Assioma Model: DUO
671.00€ 699.06€
Ex Tax:550.00€
Brand: Assioma Model: DUO-Shi
574.62€ 599.83€
Ex Tax:471.00€
Assioma UNO pedals (with powermeter) Assioma UNO pedals (with powermeter)
-4 % 4-7 Days
Assioma UNO pedals (with powermeter) Assioma UNO pedals (with powermeter)
4-7 Days
Brand: Assioma Model: UPGRADE KIT
Kit to transform your Assioma UNO into Assioma DUO whenever you want. For unlimited improvement...
Ex Tax:290.83€
Brand: Look Model: GEO TREKKING
Simple, yet highly efficient. The GEO TREKKING PEDAL is our two-sided commuter option, allowing you to choose between a ride to work or a quick training session.Pedal    203 gWeight pair + cleats    461 g..
Ex Tax:62.42€
Brand: Look Model: GEO TREKKING ROC
Flat or clipless pedals? The question may arise, but not anymore thanks to our GEO TREKKING commuter range. This robust aluminum pedal is flat on one side and SPD-compatible on the other.Pedal    233 gWeight pair + cleats    521 g..
Ex Tax:87.42€
Brand: Look Model: KEO 2 MAX
The pedal has written pages of LOOK history, and the KEO 2 MAX is an excellent example of our expertise. With its wide, 500mm² contact area and composite body, it offers state-of-the-art technology for full power transfer, in an affordable package.Pedal    130 gWeight pair + clea..
Ex Tax:74.92€
Brand: Look Model: KEO 2 MAX Carbon
Ready for new adventures? Follow your dreams with the KEO 2 MAX CARBON pedal. With its 500 mm² contact area, it offer perfect power transfer from your legs to your bike. The carbon body ensures lightness and efficiency while the Chromoly+ axle offers robustness in all conditions. Install your pedal,..
Ex Tax:91.58€
Brand: Look Model: KEO Cleat
The MADE by LOOK KEO standard is recognized in the cycling world for its minimal weight and compact design of the cleat and pedal combo. Of course compatible with all pedals on the market, their memory positioner is a major advantage when changing your cleats. Their principle and use are the same as..
Ex Tax:14.13€
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