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Brand: KV+ Model: 7P308
diameter Ø 8,5 mm..
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Brand: Zipps Model: C 3
Fluorinated base cleaner for partially or fully fluorinated waxes and TopBase 20. Synthetic bottle, 500ml.Follow-up product of our Citric Cleaner and HF Cleaner for fluorinated waxes, even more effective and more gentle. High-purity isoparaffins together with special acetates and alcohols solve..
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Brand: Zipps Model: C 31
Unfluorinated base cleaner for ZeroFluor-waxes and TopBase 21. Synthetic bottle, 500ml.High-purity isoparaffins are the solvents for unfluorinated waxes. Follow-up product of our Citric Cleaner, even more effective and more gentle. Special acetates and alcohols solve impurities, such as dirt an..
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Brand: KV+ Model: 8BT02
• Color: black/blue/red• Size: 35-48• Sole: NNN xcelerator• Binding: NNN xcelerator• Features:-plastic heel counter-gaiter-90° lacing system-tx-loop lacing-anatomic footbed-soft flex..
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Brand: KV+ Model: 8BT01
• Color: black/blue/red• Size: 35-48• Sole: NNN xcelerator• Binding: NNN xcelerator• Features:-elite cuff-plastic heel counter-with carbon stabilizer-gaiter built-in elastic insert-45° lacing system-tx-loop lacing-anatomic footbed-stiff flex..
Ex Tax:365.83€
Brand: KV+ Model: 22BT04
• Color: Black / Grey / Blue• Size: 35-48• Sole: NNN..
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Brand: KV+ Model: 22BT03
Color: Black / Grey / BlueSize: 35-48Sole: T4Features: Plastic for heel counter adjustment..
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Brand: Zipps Model: Сleaner
100 ml in a handy spray bottleFor ski mountaineers: cleaner for their climbing skins.It gently removes the dirt from adhesives on climbing skins. Spray onto the adhesive, remove the dirt using a clean cloth or sponge, and allow to dry.        ..
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Brand: KV+ Model: 21G05
Windproof with high breathable Pro Wind Tech membrane.HEATBREATHRACINGWATERPROOFWINDPROOF..
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Brand: KV+ Model: 8P327
8P302 (1 pair)  diameter Ø 8,5 mm _var -18P323 (1 pair)  diameter Ø 9,5 mm _var -2..
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Brand: Zipps Model: zipp
100mmManufactured by: Red CreekTo work in liquid waxes.Proven tool with long lasting cork .Use fine sandpaper to clean the cork...
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Brand: Zipps Model: Cork
To work in liquid waxes.Natural cork for working the wax onto the base, felt for polishing the wax film.Light and compact, take along anywhere.Recessed grip, 120 x 60mm        ..
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