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Brand: Zipps Model: C 3
Fluorinated base cleaner for partially or fully fluorinated waxes and TopBase 20. Synthetic bottle, 500ml.Follow-up product of our Citric Cleaner and HF Cleaner for fluorinated waxes, even more effective and more gentle. High-purity isoparaffins together with special acetates and alcohols solve..
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Brand: Zipps Model: C 31
Unfluorinated base cleaner for ZeroFluor-waxes and TopBase 21. Synthetic bottle, 500ml.High-purity isoparaffins are the solvents for unfluorinated waxes. Follow-up product of our Citric Cleaner, even more effective and more gentle. Special acetates and alcohols solve impurities, such as dirt an..
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Brand: Zipps Model: Сleaner
100 ml in a handy spray bottleFor ski mountaineers: cleaner for their climbing skins.It gently removes the dirt from adhesives on climbing skins. Spray onto the adhesive, remove the dirt using a clean cloth or sponge, and allow to dry.        ..
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Brand: Zipps Model: Cork
To work in liquid waxes.Natural cork for working the wax onto the base, felt for polishing the wax film.Light and compact, take along anywhere.Recessed grip, 120 x 60mm        ..
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Brand: Zipps Model: F 20
All of the ZIPPS perfluoro products with new formulation!Concentrated perfluoro powder for cold conditions, for professional, highest demands. 100% perfluoro powder for all moist or wet kinds of snow.Shaker can, 20g.Powders are sprinkled on the well prepared ski and ironed (wear protective mask!). P..
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Brand: Zipps Model: ZeroFluor
Wax for training and casual skking, unfluorinated.Unfluorinated version of our GR 20 for cold and moist conditions. Very effective in alpine skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and luge.50ml in bottles with sponge applicators.Recommended for air temperature between 0°C down to  -12°C or even..
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Brand: Zipps Model: Set
Combined package for XC-Skis with felt application and for climbing skins of ski mountaineers.1 bottle of ZIPPS G (100ml) + 1 bottle of cleaner ZIPPS SkinC1 (100ml)in a practical blister box.ZIPPS G is a wax and waterproof for textile furs and felts at the same time. ZIPPS cleaner SkinC1 cleans them..
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Brand: Zipps Model: TopBase
Fluoropolymer, 50ml.Comes in a screw cap bottle for transport and with an additional bottle with sponge applicator to apply it.Highperformance base preparation "UltraLong Distance" for all kinds of snow and temperatures between -15°C and 0°C and in the lower plus-grades. Distances of up to 200km hav..
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Brand: Zipps Model: ZeroFluor
ZIPPS Base Preparation, UltraLong Distance. Fluorine free version of last winter`s most successful product.50ml. Comes in a screw cap bottle for transport and with an additional bottle with sponge applicator to apply it.Highperformance base preparation&nb..
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Brand: Zipps Model: Zipps ZR 20 Air: -15° / 0° 50ML
Athletes have appreciated our ZR 20 race wax with medium fluorination for many years. This wax has been continually optimized and still is one of our best selling race waxes.ZR 20 contains special fluorinated polymers for cold snow. Our patented additives enlarge its range of use. Very good with med..
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Brand: Zipps Model: Zipps ZR 21 ZeroFluor - 50ml Air: -15° / 0°
Race wax, fluorine free version of ZR 20 for cold conditions. Sponge applicator bottle, 50ml. Our patented additives enlarge its range of use. Very strong on snow with medium to coarse grain.Air temperature: From -15°C to 0°C. Good as well on dry, rolled snow.My sport: nordic skiing, ski mountaineer..
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Brand: Zipps Model: Zipps ZR 30 Air: -5° / +5° 100ml
HighFluor / Medium range of temperatureRace wax, medium fluorination, 50ml, sponge applicator.Air temperature: -5°C / +5°CSnow temperature: -4°C / -2°CAir humidity: min. 55%For tracks which are solid, getting soft, also perfect for powder snow.Most successful at an air temperature of -2°C to -4°C an..
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