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Brand: Wahoo Model: KICKR BIKE
Wahoo KICKR BIKE Indoor TrainerThe KICKR BIKE smart bike trainer from Wahoo offers pure innovation! With gintegrated grade changes, customizable gearing, and simulated shifting, the indoor trainer offers a powerful, personalized and realistic indoor training experience. Using KICKR’s legendary ..
Ex Tax:3,333.33€
Wahoo KICKR Climb Wahoo KICKR Climb
2-3 Days
Brand: Wahoo Model: KICKR Climb
Description of Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Incline SimulatorThe latest innovation from Wahoo will literally take your indoor training to the next level! KICKR CLIMB indoor grade simulator is designed to work exclusively with the new KICKR and new SNAP and when paired, it will add physical grade changes..
Ex Tax:573.76€
Brand: Wahoo Model: KICKR CORE
Description of Wahoo KICKR Core - Smart Bike TrainerWahoo Fitness KICKR Core - The Essential Indoor Training ExperienceBy using the proven flywheel technology and advanced algorithms, the KICKR Core delivers the realistic, accurate and quiet indoor training experience you expect from Wahoo. The KICK..
Ex Tax:666.66€
Wahoo KICKR Desk Wahoo KICKR Desk
2-3 Days
Brand: Wahoo Model: KICKR Desk (WFDESK1)
The Wahoo KICKR Desk is the desk for multi-tasking. Use it as an indoor cycling desk with your KICKR or as a standing desk in your office. It's fully adjustable to allow you to easily optimize for and switch between the following:StandingSitting uprightRiding with hands on hoodsThe desk has built-in..
Ex Tax:249.99€
Brand: Wahoo Model: KICKR Floormat (WFKICKRMAT)
The Wahoo KICKR Floormat is the perfect partner for your KICKR. It's water resistant and anti-slip to keep the trainer in place no matter how much you sweat! The thickness and material make it noise insulating, so your family will thank you during those early morning rides.6mm91 x 198 cm..
Ex Tax:66.66€
Wahoo KICKR SMART V6 Wi-Fi trainer Wahoo KICKR SMART V6 Wi-Fi trainer
2-3 Days
Brand: Wahoo Model: KICKR SMART V6
Wahoo KICKR v6 WIFI - Direct Drive CycletrainerWahoo Fitness KICKR v6 - The most realistic indoor experienceThe most realistic indoor training experience just got better. The Wahoo KICKR v6 with WiFi, allows you an easier connection to your home network and automatic firmware updates. So y..
Ex Tax:1,083.33€
Wahoo KICKR SNAP trainer Wahoo KICKR SNAP trainer
2-3 Days
Brand: Wahoo Model: KICKR SNAP
Description of Wahoo KICKR SNAP Bike TrainerThe Wahoo KICKR SNAP is the KICKR for those who don't need as much kick. It shares the great features of the KICKR including power you can feel, app controlled resistance, and an open platform - all in a convenient wheel-on design. The SNAP is perfect for ..
Ex Tax:399.00€
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