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Brand: Elite Model: DIRETO XR-T Direct Drive Trainer
Description of Elite Direto XR-T CycletrainerXtra Ride  - An indoor training has never been so completeDireto XR-T is the Elite Direto XR home trainer without supplied sprocket cassette, a powerful and compact model that offers total compatibility with several types of bicycle.The Elite Direto ..
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Brand: Elite Model: NOVO FORCE
THE “EASY” HOME TRAINER WITH MAGNETIC RESISTANCENOVO FORCE is a high performing classic home trainer. It features a very compact magnetic resistance unit. Its design has been renewed compared to other models in its category and features a sturdy frame with very innovative features.CONNECTIVITYBy emp..
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THE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE USED BY CHAMPIONSThe home trainer employs Power Mag Technology, the magnetic resistance used by champions. It’s a magnetic unit with 8 levels to set via a handlebar mounted selector. The new 8 resistance levels system ensures a wide range of achievable power levels. It’s the ..
Ex Tax:208.33€
Brand: Elite Model: ARION
ARIONLightness and simplicity.ARION is a very light yet sturdy training roller.Its strong suits are great ease of use, great performances and high reliability.CONNECTIVITYBy using the Misuro B+ sensor your ARION can become compatible with ELITE’s My E-Training (1-month free subsc..
Ex Tax:141.67€
Brand: Elite Model: ARION DIGITAL SMART B+
ARION DIGITAL SMART B+Interactive roller with automatic resistance adjustment.Magnetic resistance is electronically managed depending on the type of training or course.It wirelessly sends training data via ANT+™ FE-C & Bluetooth Smart communication protocols for total interaction ..
Ex Tax:383.33€
Brand: Elite Model: ARION MAG
ARION MAGSimple yet effective training sessions…ARION MAG is a modern and efficient roller that optimises training sessions with its 3 levels of integrated magnetic resistance.CONNECTIVITYBy using the Misuro B+ sensor the ARION MAG becomes compatible with ELITE’s My E-Training (1-month free sub..
Ex Tax:233.33€
Brand: Elite Model: QUICK MOTION
QUICK-MOTIONPedal floating in the air…Roller with a floating-system that aids balance during training.Winner of Eurobike Gold Award in 2016.“A great item of training equipment: this durable and well-made design with its outstanding freely rotating rollers folds away into an extremely space-saving fo..
Ex Tax:295.83€
Brand: Elite Model: SUITO
EASY TO TRANSPORT, PRACTICAL TO POWER UPSuito features a practical integrated handle, designed to let you easily transport your hometrainer anytime, at home or at the gym. Another key feature of the Suito is the cable channel on its back, designed to protect connectors and avoid any accidental disco..
Ex Tax:504.17€
ACCURACYDrivo II data accuracy while training is ensured by the OTS (Optical Torque Sensor).This sensor is an innovative integrated power meter that measures power output with +/- 0.5% accuracy.Thanks to a more precise OTS, Drivo II is the most accurate home trainer you can find in th..
Ex Tax:929.17€
Brand: Elite Model: QUBO FLUID
PRACTICALEasy setup, just one simple movement with the Fast Fixing system to lock and unlock the bike via a single lever. Just place your bike and the resistance unit automatically comes into contact with the wheel.CONNECTIVITYBy employing the Misuro B+, the QUBO FLUID home trainer can become c..
Ex Tax:208.33€
Brand: Elite Model: TIRE COPERTON 700С
COPERTONThe ideal hometrainer tyre.Thanks to the special knurling, the tyre does not overheat like a normal road tyre ensuring an excellent heat dissipation...
Ex Tax:24.17€
Brand: Elite Model: TRAINING MAT
Mat for trainers.The finishing touch to your training area. It improves comfort and protects the training area.Placed between the home trainer and the floor, it protects your home from oil, dirt and sweat.Sound-deadening. It limits the noise produced by training, especi..
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